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News product offering

Beautiful Catholic news site with editorial flow built into the site. This website offers an incredible experience for both the reader and the managing editorial team. Unlike mass market websites, Tilma News combines modern design and refined editorial tools, specifically for Catholic news sites. These make it easier to upload and publish articles, feed in content from other sites, send currated email digests, and more.

Levels of administrative access for editorial workflow

  • Live page editor
  • Levels of access for publishing, editing, writing, as well as ad and site management
  • Editorial workflow with notifications

Intuitive user interface

  • Import external news feeds with just a link
  • Automatic formatting to the design of the website

Email and Newsletter builder

  • Email segmentation
  • Ad hoc emails
  • Branded banners
  • Ongoing newsletters with integrated content
  • Campaign building
  • Editable and customizable newsletters and emails

Custom formbuilder

Implementing News

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