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Disciple Implementation

Identify Training Program to Use

Choose a specific training program right for their community: RCAV’s Proclaim Training, Revive, or Custom (which we can help build one with you). Our team will assist you in the setup of hosting and registration on the website.

Identify Tools of Evangelization

We recommend Alpha and/or Discovery based on their usability and success in Diocese across the country. This tool can be whatever works best for you and your people.

Identify Point Person For Local Community

Identify the right person to facilitate this group of disciples. Their responsibilities would include set up and lead training, post and facilitate social media groups, send newsletters, etc.

Setup Admin CMS Access

Admin will be set up with CMS access to manage online training, events, and members database. This will include training and help incorporating into their ministry and local events.

Set up Local Social Media Group

Recommend setting up a social media group to create a localized community hub. Your identified point person would facilitate the ongoing conversation and encouragement in this group.

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