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Version 1.6.9

Tilma Updates

This release introduces new enhancements to Tilma’s security, some user interface changes for admin users, and a number of bug fixes and improvements. 

With this update, Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) goes into effect for all admin users. This is a mandatory feature for admins, increasing the security for the important parish data that is stored within Tilma. On next login, admins will be presented with an additional field to fill out with a unique six-digit code that is sent to the admin user’s email address. Parishioners will be able to take advantage of this security feature if they choose.

Some UI, or user interface, changes have consolidated all menus and avatars into the left-side menu bar in the admin area, have fixed how ministry “cards” are displayed in parishioner accounts, and have improved the on-screen CSV download experience so that there’s more feedback for admins on how the download process is working.

We’ve also updated certain Tilma News sites on this release with changes to Classifieds, and some page layouts that were displaying incorrectly.

What’s New

Platform Updates

  • Launch of Two-Factor Authentication
  • Update to Profile dropdown location -- putting it into the left side menu.
  • Updates to performance, activity logging and version tracking.
  • Fixes for the Email tool to improve sending and templates.
  • Fix for bug on sites that have single-sign-on that incorrectly redirected logins.
  • Fix for bug that prevented adding admin permissions to some new accounts.
  • Updates to People tool in preparation for the launch of upcoming RMS functionality.
  • Fixed issue in Behold that prevented an image being uploaded in some forms.

Parish Updates

  • Pagination for events index -- have improved the view so that past events are in separate page form active events.
  • Secondary phone number is now displayed on Contact page.
  • Multiple “core” locations can be displayed on the Contact page map.
  • Fixed bug that prevented deleting duplicate locations.
  • Fixed bug that caused CSV downloads of form submissions to fail when form contained file upload feature.
  • Fixed bug that prevented some parishes from adding a person to the team member listing.
  • Improved the user interface for CSV downloads to provide better visual confirmation of export and download process.
  • Fixed bug where Tilma and a payment provider had data conflict on some donation and donor records.
  • Fixed styles for Sacraments pages on mobile devices.

News Updates

  • Fixed layout of some page templates.
  • Fixed bug that allowed ads to appear prior to publish date.
  • Fixed Ad Manager bug that show duplicate, redundent placement controls.
  • Fixed render issue for content spots and auto-population function.

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