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Version 1.6.3

Tilma Updates

This release is focused primarily on fixes and updates to existing tools and features to improve your experience with Tilma Parish and Tilma News Beta. We’ve fixed a lingering bug around password resets, made content spots have more types of content, and fixed the bug where display cards for articles or ministries were not uniformly showing images. There are other fixes to layouts for email templates.

The update also contains fixes for Tilma News Beta, such as how the category is set automatically on new Voices articles and some fixes to a news theme.

What’s New

Platform Updates

  • Fixed password reset process that was redirecting to an incorrect page, preventing self-serve password resets via email.
  • Fixed email for new admin
  • Updated email tool so that system and ad hoc emails can’t be sent until a “reply-to” email has been set.
  • Fixed bug on some sites where the “Load more events” button wasn’t loading more events into view.
  • Added new feature in emails that should display more accurate previews of draft emails.
  • Fixes to layouts of some email templates for parishes, news and other content sites.

Parish Updates

  • Updates to Featured Content Spots to more explicitly define which content types are eligible to be added and appear.
  • Fixed bug where URL slug was not being properly set on new org during setup.
  • Fixed layout issue on content blocks to ensure image cards are all uniform size.
  • Added feature to hide last name for Team Members on a parish Contact page.
  • Fixed bug on importing external articles that would add a blank space at the end of the URL so visitors would get an error page.

News Updates

  • Fixed bug so wasn’t automatically setting the correct category on Voices articles.
  • Fixed bug on focal point for featured images not sticking.
  • Changes to a news theme to point the Classifieds to a different page temporarily, change the name of one footer nav section, and reorder sections in the main nav.
  • Expanded search to index and include new Classifieds page in search results.

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