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Version 1.6.0

This release contains some very significant changes for how Tilma Parish sites can look. Parish administrators can now choose from five different homepage layout options, which gives parishes many more options for personalizing their Tilma site. And there have been changes to Announcements, such as where they appear on parish homepages, how a featured post can be pinned to the top of a parish homepage, and how all announcements can be viewed on a single page together.

Additionally, a number of bugs and performance issues has been addressed and fixed in this release.

News Updates

On the Tilma News platform, we rolled out a few bug fixes for a specific site template.

What’s New

Platform Updates

Fixed password reset process that was redirecting to an incorrect page, preventing self-serve password resets via email.

Fixed issue when setting up new orgs that a name didn’t get set, which prevented  URL slugs from being generated.

Fixed bug that was hiding the email field in people profiles, preventing the management of the email addresses on all people profiles.

Fixed issue where setting the focus point on a featured image wasn’t being saved.  

Corrected link on “Load more events” button Behold.

Deployed updates to the “seeder” for creating new sites.

Parish Updates

Launched new changes to homepage design. Admins can select from these options for the Featured Image area:

  1. Collage Mode
  2. Wide Image Mode
  3. Featured Text Mode
  4. Text Overlay Center Mode
  5. Text Overlay Left-Aligned Mode

Updated the Announcements tool:

  • Rolled out changes to display the first three announcements in the new Announcements area on the homepage.
  • Button added linking to the announcements index page so that all active announcements can be viewed on one page.
  • Can set one pinned item on homepage to be just below main navigation

Fixed links in Announcements so clicking the card directs to the URL set in the announcement post’s Settings tab.

Added new homepage featured image area options.

Fixed issue where parishes were unable to export CSV files containing form submission info.

Enable domain verification for emails setting for the diocese manager admin role

Fixed problem with exporting and downloading CSV for a form’s submissions

Fixed mobile rendering issue

News Updates

Fixed ad placement formatting issue in some news sites.

Added capability to adjust the order of classifieds categories on the admin page for a news site.

Adjusted configuration on the homepage of a news site to enforce how latest stories are displayed, specifically the time-based order, and the preventing duplicates being displayed on the homepage.

Fixed pagination for search results for a news site.

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