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Version 1.5.2

Today’s release marks a big step in our vision for Tilma. Our goal has always been to help parishes know and love parishioners better, which means we’ve been working to create an incredible experience and function for your everyday management. Today we begin rolling this out with the initial implementations of our brand new Church Management Software (ChMS).

A ChMS is akin to other services that come with names like CRM or RMS. The Tilma ChMS will enable you to:

  • Easily, store, search, and manage your parishioner’s records
  • Store sacramental records
  • Manage all parish financial transactions - online and offline
  • Connect people to volunteer and ministry opportunities related to their interests and life stage
  • Manage volunteers 
  • Book your facilities 
  • Access a full suite of reports and dashboards to help pastors, administrators and committees to make good decisions about vision and mission.

Changes to Parishes

In these first steps, one of the most significant updates to this release is the ability to create custom filters in your People dashboard, meaning you can build out groups and send more specific email communication. You can layer filters on top of one another, save filters for later, and, as you save them, the system will automatically pull in new people into the appropriate groups. And this is just the first step (we have a lot more planned for this feature in the near future)!

We’ve also made significant changes to the User Interface (UI) of the admin area to make your experience simpler and easier to use. You’ll notice your admin tool menu and all “editor” sections of content pages have been simplified with renewed attention to important details (For example, setting image focal points so it doesn’t format funky, no matter what screen you’re looking at). 

Changes to News

We’ve added a new feature to our site caching tools, making it so that whenever pages or articles are updated the cache is automatically cleared. This fixes the chance of a delay in the cache clearing taking place. Changes throughout news sites are now visible in near-real-time by your readers while still benefiting from the speed of cached content loading very quickly.

The caching changes have also improved the display and rotation of ads on news sites, which help to better maximize ad revenue while providing better results to your advertisers. 

What’s New

Platform Updates

Major changes to People – User Interface (UI) changes to the index of people

  • New column view which will allow for more data to be displayed in future
  • New sorting options
  • Multi-select, which will allow choosing multiple people records to perform various account maintenance actions coming in future releases. E.g. account merging, mass updates

NEW filtering and querying tools

  • Create one-time or reusable searches of People on 40+ data points 
  • Can be used to create targeted email lists
  • Helps to simplify searches 

Left-side menu has been simplified to collapsable menus

UI changes to simplify interactions for site admins – Updated the “Settings” tab for pages, articles, resources, events and ministries. 

  • Changed the type of fields where titles and custom URLs are edited
  • Featured image uploader has been updated with new focal point selector, and previews for how images will be displayed on different devices.
  • Improved the fields in the SEO/Social Settings tab
  • Cleaned up UI for Pages, Emails, Events, Resources, News, Voices

Updated domain routing tools so Site Settings can now manage the redirects for two or more domains to one Tilma org.

Launched a new Social Post Generator on Behold.

Fix for a bug that was preventing email analytics from displaying in Email tool.

Parish Updates

Registration tools now available on parish events. You can now connect registration forms built in the Forms tool to Events, and track registrations in parishioner accounts.

Implemented a new application that simplifies and stabilizes CSV imports in People, making it much simpler to upload, see import progress, and fix data on the fly.

Fixes to Stripe payments integration to allow campaign and hidden form field data to be passed to Stripe. 

News Updates

Prep configuration of servers for a new upcoming Tilma News site with template changes, ad placements and categories.

Rewrite the Classifieds cost calculator tool to allow for different pricing and changes by clients.

Implementing the article management, filtering and sorting UI for Classifieds

Updates to caching tools to allow for improved ad rotation and automated purges of pages.

Update to Settings panel in Articles.

  • New featured image uploader
  • Improvements to text fields to set title, URL slug, meta/SEO descriptions

Fixes to search errors on some news sites

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