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Version 1.5.1

News Updates

This latest update has some very exciting improvements, specifically changes to the Newsletter tool that is going to boost your ability to reach more people with focused messages. Some examples of this include a new email preview tool and support for RSS feeds.

The functionality for you as an admin also has some really great improvements. Page loading has been substantially improved by streamlining the code to ensure that no unnecessary data being loaded. Improvements to account creation and management will also streamline the admin workflow significantly. Plus, this translates into your readers' experience too. We’ll get into it in the release notes below along with details on a whole host of new features. 

Parish Updates

The Tilma Content Library is finally here! Your content feed is now stocked with rich content, including original Behold content, local opportunities, and a selection from trusted Catholic sources like Augustine Institute, Ascension Presents, Grotto Network, and many more. 

What gets us so excited about the Tilma Content Library is how you can engage your parishioners in a new and really meaningful way. As we provide them with things like local workshops related to their stage of life or refreshing articles that help them think about their faith, they discover new opportunities to encounter God. 

The library will be continually refreshed and available to all our Parishes on the Tilma platform, but you have full control over the content that is displayed on your site—choosing content either manually, by select sources, or auto-filling so you can be completely hands-off. This means you decide how much you want to be involved while always providing your parishioners with the content you believe most valuable to them at any particular time.

To help you manage the growing content and datasets in your site, we have also implemented a much-improved search and filter engine. This allows for partial text searches, better resource filter management, and more advanced search functionality integrated into the CMS. You can keep reading about the content library below. 

Along with new content, we’ve also released one of the most requested features: recurring events! The events management tool now allows for full flexibility in scheduling recurring events. Daily, weekly, and monthly recurring events now only need to be created once, scheduled appropriately, and the system will ensure that the upcoming events are displayed to your parishioners at appropriate times.

These features and more, including additions to announcements and the locations tool feature, are described in further detail below.

What’s New

Platform Updates

  • *NEW* Tilma Content Library -- we have fully enabled the Tilma Content Library and parishes are now able to fully benefit from Tilma’s curated content. This content is from official content partnerships with trusted Catholic content providers, Tilma writers, diocese partners and parishes.
  • Parishes can set criteria for how articles from the Tilma Content Library is published to their site in Resources. The default setting is for content to be auto-published, but that can be changed in the Site Settings. 
  • Events from Behold, Proclaim and Parishes can be shared across the entire Tilma network by the diocese.
  • Parishes can automatically share events with neighbouring parishes and make them available for a diocese to share with all parishes, and potentially beyond to other dioceses.
  • Updates to filtering tool for Resources, allowing better searches within the CMS.
  • Tidying up of how the admin user interface is displayed and interacted with by users.
  • Search now able to better return results based on partial words and names.
  • Rebuilt the “Forgot Password” process to make it more user friendly.
  • Fixed an issue on Diocese sites where child pages of a Ministry & Offices parent page were displayed on the Ministry & Offices index page.
  • Made performance improvements to Emails.
  • Fixes to meta and OpenGraph (OG) tagging to ensure settings are displayed in code and readable by social networks.
  • Upgraded the content editor tool which changes the look of the image and video uploader. Can now upload multiple images at one time.

Parish Updates

  • *NEW* Recurring Events - events that occur on regular intervals can now be managed simply.
  • Options to repeat Daily, Weekly Monthly, or Yearly.
  • Set various intervals for each type (e.g. number of days/weeks/months, days of the week, etc.).
  • Set end date to end the recurrence, or reoccur until manually ended.
  • Locations tool 
  • Use to choose which locations appear on parish Contact page with option for a Google Map to show. And you can select to display more than one location, such as if a church had multiple parish locations or different addresses for the parish hall and the office.
  • Integration with Google Maps Places for highly accurate pin placements
  • Locations can be used for assigning to Events
  • Fixed bug in Events that displayed past events on parish sites.
  • Fixes to certain admin permission levels that prevented editing of movable page parts on the Welcome page.
  • Fix to announcement cards on parish homepage so that posts with no image don’t show an empty image spot.

News Updates

Upgraded the News platform to version 1.5.1, which includes:

  • Updates to email and subscriber tools to latest versions 
  • Updates to the publishing system for News, Voices and Blogs
  • Upgrades to forms

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