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Version 1.5.0

This is probably the largest update to Tilma since version 1.0, with important changes to the User Interface that is all about making it easier for you to use your Tilma site. From improving the people imports via CSV (Comma Separated Value) files, to auto-filling forms for logged-in users, and being able to manage email subscriptions across multiple sites, the changes are all about continuing to make your site simpler and easier to use.

There are also big updates to the People, Emails, and Events tools. There is now a Locations tool for parishes that have multiple physical and virtual locations, which will make it easy to display those locations and connect that data to the Massfinder app (where available), as well as the new upcoming parish mass times manager.

What’s New


  • Improved the CSV importing tool interface - you can leave the importing page while the import proceeds, and now errors don’t stop the entire import
  • Announcements can now be reordered in the admin area so they can display in any order on the homepage
  • New option to insert collapsible accordion sections on pages, ministries & events
  • Old style FAQs have been completely removed from Sacraments pages, and can be replaced by using the collapsable accordion sections. These can be seeded by the diocese, but also edited by each parish.
  • Multi-site subscriptions - users can manage all the subscriptions for multiple sites from their profile. Admins can now view a parishioner’s subscriptions and manage in a limited way.
  • There is now Single Sign-On (SSO) for Tilma admins and users accessing more than one site (ie. have accounts on multiple parish or diocese sites). No more logging in to each site individually -- the platform detects when you’re signed into one site, and automatically signs you into any other sites where you have an account.
  • For visitors and admins logged into their Tilma sites, forms will now auto-fill with account information, such as name, email address, home address and other contact details.


  • Parishioner profiles now have status flags - Active, Inactive, & Moved Away. Inactive and Moved away will not be included in emails sent via the Emails tool.
  • Duplicate person creation - when creating a new parishioner profile, will automatically detect potential duplicate accounts based on the email address and connect the parish to the existing profile.
  • Welcome (aka confirmation) emails can now be re-sent to individuals that may have missed so they can set their user password, and confirm subscriptions settings.
  • Added permission to edit Locations as a default to Power User, Full Access & Diocese level administrator profiles. This corrects the error message admins saw when attempting to add, delete or edit locations.
  • Team Members who have clergy designations will now be able to be displayed on a parish’s Massfinder page (where available).
  • Refined the search to better match similar name spellings, and clearing search terms now properly refreshes results.
  • Improved the ability to manage a person’s “primary” parish site, as well as managing secondary sites.


  • You can now manually reorder the position of the announcements from top to bottom.
  • Fixed formatting for thumbnail images so they don’t get “pushed” out of their box
  • Fixed bug where some parish’s announcements weren’t visible despite correct settings in place.


  • Can set default email banners and logo overlays, but can be overridden during email creation.
  • Uploading files (such as PDFs) will now include the correct domain in the download link.
  • Test emails will now have [TEST] added to the beginning of the subject line.
  • “Send” button now provides better visual feedback of success


  • Events can now be grouped in a Parent/Child relationship - an overall event can be an umbrella for several events, such as a series of workshops or training sessions.
  • When creating events, you can create reusable “Locations” (see Locations section).


  • Links to 3rd party giving platforms can now be used, although it does not integrate with People.


  • We’ve implemented a new locations management tool. It’s not fully completed yet, but setting the “Primary” address now controls what is displayed on the Contact page.
  • Parishes will soon be able to add multiple locations (ie. parishes, offices , rectories, etc.) so that all addresses will display on the Contact page.
  • The tool integrates directly with Google Place IDs for precise map pins, and also with the Tilma Massfinder (where available).


  • Redesigned Diocese Navigation - a huge change to the diocese navigation at the top of every site.
  • Is now an expandable menu that can be seeded and edited from the diocese.
  • Displays important diocese links, managed by the diocese so it updates all parish orgs.
  • Displays parish Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube links, managed which by the parish in the Site Settings, as well as the parish’s main nav.
  • Fixed missing mobile nav on certain parish sites.


  • Content spots can now contain links to pages, not just articles in the Resources section.
  • Cancelled events in the past don’t show up on pages.
  • Fixes to featured image positioning.
  • Uploading PDFs makes them searchable on site.
  • Improved integration with Google Analytics.
  • Fixes to timezones for events and resources.
  • Fixed some icons that were missing or incorrect.
  • Removed demographic filtering on Ministries page.
  • Fixed an issue where thumbnail image for authors of resources was not displaying properly.
  • Fixed some missing language translation tags that resulted in showing some code on certain article cards.
  • Fixed issue where the Meta and OpenGraph descriptions set in the Site Settings were not updating the page templates.
  • Fixed footer on Parish sites so link to parish mass times goes to the correct pages.
  • The title of “Father” now added to author names on Resources.
  • Fixes to add back in missing text editing spots in Site Settings that disappeared in error.
  • Fixed issue in Forms where datepickers were not respecting a parish’s set time zone.
  • Fixed formatting on related articles that was cropping the article cards.
  • Fixed errors when parishes sent ad hoc emails
  • Fixed the formatting on certain page templates
  • Fixed issue that made parish announcements not appear in Announcements editor index
  • Fixes to ongoing error monitoring

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