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Version 1.1.8

This update has a big impact on the core platform that is shared by parish sites and news sites. In particular, there are some really amazing updates to the Newsletters tool and how emails can be sent out from news sites, that has allowed us to introduce major improvements to how emails are sent from parish sites, too, which will be a much nicer experience for parishioners. Bots were causing big problems by creating spam parishioner accounts, which has been fixed now. We’ve cleaned up a bunch of old code we weren’t using anymore to make pages appear faster and lighten the load on our servers. And we’ve made significant improvements to how accounts are created and managed, too.

Platform Updates

  • Added blocking tools to stop bots from creating spam accounts
  • A bunch of under-the-hood updates:
  • Upgrade and clean up of code to speed up page loads
  • Improvements to clear existing page caches
  • Reduce server load when running automated tasks
  • Improvements to search tools
  • Updated how sites appear on mobile devices  
  • Updates to the podcast importer tool
  • Support for Livestream video
  • Email updates
  • Admins can now manually send out invites and password resets
  • Update to the sequence of emails sent out when new accounts are created
  • Password reset emails now reference the correct site that the reset originated from
  • Improved how unsubscribing to email lists is handled
  • Fixes to People tool
  • Fixed bug that prevented creating author-only profiles
  • Updates to CSV download tool
  • Improvements in moving profiles between different sites
  • Can now toggle on/off displaying team member’s bios on contact page, and can create subgroups
  • Updates to improve emails and redirecting URLs in Forms
  • Added more tooltips to non-button spots

Parish Product

  • Updates to allow for future configuration of page sections, such as the display order and what’s visible or hidden
  • Improvements to main navigation editor
  • Updates to “Get Involved” Ministry index and each subsequent ministry page
  • Each ministry page can have tabs to change display options, as well as links to related ministries
  • New optional layout to index page can display ministries grouped by “Community” and “Serve”

News Product

  • A number of updates to the newsletter tool
  • You can now create ad hoc, one-off emails and send to subscribers
  • Improvements to the test email function
  • All new email preview tool
  • Updates to external feed importer
  • Improvements to the configuration options
  • Added support for RSS feeds
  • New external feed configured for a news site
  • Fixes to featured content tool that prioritizes more recent articles in search results
  • Update to Voices to fix how the latest posts are displayed

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