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Version 1.0.0

This is a HUGE update for Tilma. HUGE! We’re at 1.0!! This “get out of beta” release comes after getting a lot of amazing feedback from our clients on ways to continue making the platform work even better. This release is largely focused on the parish product, but there are fixes that users of the news product will notice, and there are updates in the code that can’t be seen. Upcoming releases will have more impact on the news product.


  • If you had trouble searching before, either on the site or in the CMS, that should be improved now that we’ve updated Elastic Search to the latest version.
  • Our page content editor contained an additional image editing tool that was recently put out to pasture by its creators, so we’ve replaced that image editing tool with a new one.
  • We recently updated the CMS user interface, and since that launch, we’ve received amazing feedback from you and other users. We have heard your suggestions and made improvements to both the page and article editing workflows and improved the auto-saving.
  • We fixed a bunch of things in Forms, like making the preview button work properly and adding Stripe payments capability, among some other smaller fixes.
  • There used to be rogue HTML characters showing up on certain page titles, ministry pages, and event posts. After hunting them all down, we’ve fixed the code responsible and there are now no more rogue characters.
  • You might not see it, but we cleaned up a bunch of old, dead code while also updating core parts of the entire platform’s underlying code, as well as adding more testing tools.


  • The user experience of setting up and managing online giving is now vastly improved after squishing a whole bunch of bugs.
  • We’re doing a major overhaul of the Events tool. Some of the first fixes are now out with more fixes coming soon in future updates.
  • We completely rebuilt the Sacraments tool from the bottom up. We added in a widget to display a parish’s confession times, and made it easier for parishes to make changes or be able to roll back to the default version.
  • We’ve fixed a bunch of bugs that caused problems with assigning and managing admin permissions for accounts. It should also smooth out the creation of new parishioner accounts.
  • Admins now have new or updated account management features:
  • Parishes can now download CSV lists of their parishioner data.
  • Accounts can now be used to login at multiple parishes.
  • Pastor accounts can be transferred to another parish.
  • Parishes can now use the platform’s account registration system to do parish membership registration too.
  • We replaced some default images that contained people with illustrated images instead. We’ve also fixed a bunch of styling inconsistencies, like some button styles and fonts.
  • Have made overall improvements to the mobile experience for parishioners.
  • On parish homepages, the vision statement can be longer than before and the text will auto-fit into the existing spot. We’ve adjusted the events widget to show some resources if there are no events to display.
  • A custom logo can be uploaded and put in place of the parish name in the navigation bar!
  • Speaking of the navigation, we made the nav editor better.
  • Pastors now have a Homily feed where they can publish and share their homilies. And if a pastor moves to another parish, their homily posts can be transferred along with them to the new parish site if they choose.
  • Major improvements to the content feed tools give parishes better control over what content is displayed in various spots. And there are even bigger changes coming to this tool in the near future.
  • We’ve created a single parish mode, making it easier for individual parishes anywhere to join the platform, even if their diocese isn’t part of it. This includes controls that can disable diocese-related navigation features that won’t apply to single parishes.


  • The external content feed import tool is now more stable, and we’ve made it smarter to find duplicates before the import even happens.
  • In the Newsletter email tool, there’s now a send test email function to preview emails. Ads can now be included in email templates and managed in the Ad Manager.
  • Lots of under the hood updates to support some upcoming new features.

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