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Version 0.20.2

We're super excited about this release. In Tilma version 0.20.2 contains a large set of improvements, fixes and updates to the Parish product. The most significant update is the introduction of a new User Interface for the back-end admin area (or Content Management System, CMS). This is way more than just new paint on the back-end. The new UI is an entirely new workflow for creating and editing pages, articles, blogs, resources, ministries, events and other content. It also introduces new, powerful content filtering tools on content indexes.

Also introduced is a new Campaigns tool, allowing the creation of giving pages and forms for additional giving opportunities to such designations as second collections, parish ministries, community needs or fundraising campaigns for capital projects, among many others.


  • General platform improvements
  • Updates to improve content editing tools
  • Implement the new CMS user interface (UI) for Parish sites
  • Standardizes fonts across all Tilma instances, no matter what the front end theme is.
  • Implements new robust filtering in article indexes, especially on News
  • Publishing and editing tools for each content item now broken out into more manageable sections
  • Index pages now have more access to basic publishing actions, such as Unpublish and Delete
  • Standardizing global search field, and adding search on filtering
  • Completely re-engineered the People tool for Parish sites
  • Improves permissions and security for admin users
  • Search improvements on profiles
  • Fixes to bugs that prevented assigning new capabilities to existing profiles, especially where an email address was not attached on profile creation
  • Added better alerts upon updates to profiles
  • Improvements to automatically create new org entities by Diocese Admin and Super Admin permission levels
  • Improvements to forms
  • Performance updates
  • Now have the capability of taking payments using the Stripe payment platform (requires parishes to have connected their Stripe accounts)


  • Fixes ad spots for BC Catholic
  • Updates to the featured content tool to prevent duplicates within groups of articles
  • Fixes to content formatting in articles views
  • Configuration changes for external news feed import tool
  • Added “Site Settings” to new admin users


  • Implemented new Giving Campaign tool to create campaigns for additional fundraising or giving opportunities, such as second collections, parish ministries, community needs or fundraising campaigns for capital projects. Can do one-time or monthly giving.
  • Updates to the Giving tools to improve the self-serve options available for parishioners to manage online giving, such as updating/cancelling recurring payments, updating credit card details and viewing giving history.
  • Updated monthly giving subscriptions to remove pro-rating calculations when donor chooses to update their giving amounts.
  • People improvements
  • Fix on-boarding of parish members, and updated wording that acknowledges existing members
  • Parishes can now add additional custom parish member profile fields
  • Remove remaining rogue HTML characters showing up in text fields, particularly in Ministries and Events index cards and pages.
  • Fix Ministries so certain templates could be added to parishes without errors
  • Fixes to content feed rotation tool
  • Fixes to template for bulletins page to make responsive for mobile devices
  • Updates to mobile formatting bugs
  • Update to Sacraments editing

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