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Version 0.12.4

Tilma version 0.12.4 contains a set of updates and improvements to the News product in advance of a launch of new Spanish-language new site. Additional changes have been made to fix some bugs in the Newsletter and Formbuilder tools. Also made updates to the RSS feed tool.


  • Fixes and performance improvements for News sites
  • Updates to various translation tags, the main and footer navigation bars, and page templates for an upcoming Spanish-language news site
  • Updates to template styling for mobile devices
  • Added news setting in Site Settings to allow admin users to set the “From” email address for automated emails
  • Improvements to Newsletter tool
  • Fixed template to display each article card in vertical order on mobile, and do a media query of email client if it can show any article cards in side-by-side, 2-up format.
  • Fix the issue related to the controller that set the timing of newsletter distribution.
  • Updates to “Popular” column to display most popular articles published within the previous 30 days, based on page view count and ranked from most to least.
  • Updates to RSS feeds to add in additional fields, such as images and escaped article descriptions
  • Updates to Formbuilder to respect org language settings and display translations for form fields

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