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Version 0.12.3-3

Tilma version 0.12.3-3 contains a set of updates and improvements to the overall platform, specifically the News product.


  • Fixes and performance improvements for News sites
  • Fixes to adding/editing author profiles
  • Updates to external feed import tool, such as logging/reporting, general stability, performance improvements, CNS Spanish feed support, improved configuration options
  • Progress meters and sidebars improved on article pages
  • Fix issue with nested single and double quote marks inserting rogue blocks of text
  • Added padding to Voices section on certain theme
  • Improvements Newsletter tool
  • Updates to newsletter theme to render cards in vertical format on mobile, some design updates and ad placement changes
  • Media queries render card layout variations for email clients that can handle media queries
  • Added sending test email function
  • Updates to multilingual tools
  • Performance updates to forms

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