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Version 0.12.0

Tilma version 0.12.0 contains a large set of improvements to the overall platform, as well as specific fixes and updates to both the News and Parish products. There are also a number of brand new features for the News product.


  • Improvements to site loading speeds and search functionality
  • Ability to set locks on admin accounts during platform upgrades
  • General improvements to multi-platform support
  • Updates to content editing tools, including inserting custom raw HTML and undo functionality
  • Improved deploy process
  • Added search and improved filtering to the platforms Redirect Manager
  • Updates to CMS menu icons
  • Added more event triggers and improved registering of form success in Google Analytics


  • Fixes and performance improvements for News sites
  • Better handling of author profiles
  • Stability and speed improvements to external feed import tool
  • Social share buttons showing on all responsive page formats
  • Progress meters and scrollbars improved on article pages
  • Fix horizontal overflow in Safari browser
  • Added new Classifieds ads feature
  • Added a Newsletter email feature, including handling of unfilled content cards
  • Added Special Series feature
  • Added a blogs feature
  • Improvements to the Ad Manager
  • Improvements to News & Voices filtering options - added both an Unpublished and Scheduled filter


  • Improvements to admin account onboarding process
  • Improvements to automate the rotation of content, and to the content feed
  • Site navigation is now customizable in the header, footer, and on mobile
  • Improvements to Ministries allow reordering of cards on Ministries index page, and first three cards are shown on the homepage
  • Diocesan admins can now fully provision new parishes
  • Static pages are now editable - Ministries, Giving, Schools, Mass Times & Contact
  • Update to admin permissions that presented errors when attempting to edit Sacraments pages
  • Improvements to allow changing Header images on most pages
  • Improvements to images to adjust cropping
  • Improvements to Bulletins, including new index page with history of 25 most recent uploads
  • Update to error in registering children that could cause an infinite sign-up loop

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