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The Diocesan Solution

Digital tools that work together to help move a diocese from maintenance to mission.

Through the sharing of content and data, we can help nurture individuals in their unique faith journey and unite the evangelization efforts of an entire diocese.

Let's explore the ecosystem.


Disciple parishioners into opportunities for encounter

Through personalized and refreshing content, as well as workshops and events, we can nudge people down a ministry journey and connect with opportunities to encounter God including evangelistic efforts initiated by Proclaim.

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Communicate & disciple parishioners at scale

The parish platform helps pastors and secretaries serve their people better. Parishioner accounts inform baptismal data, life stages, and interests, giving insight into how they can provide for the right resources and ministries. With a seamless backend, any level of experience can manage the platform, from sending out newsletters and creating campaigns, to publishing new events and creating new ministry pages.

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Equip disciples to evangelize their communities

Uniting disciples and the work already happening in your diocese is key to moving into mission. Through content, workshops, and training, you can inspire and equip disciples to evangelize their homes, communities, and cities.

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Free up ministries to serve their people well

Centralize your diocese' administrative needs in one place. More clarity around your digital properties means more impact for all ministries and teams. With this administrative platform, you have the tools to communicate at scale, unite your diocese, run campaigns, and create clear pathways for people to find what they need.

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Enrich Catholic life & invite encounter

Catholic publications is where we help the community engage all of life through the lens of the Gospel. This platform is built for small and large editorial teams with streamlined and easy-to-use publishing tools as well as integration with other Catholic publications. Content can be shared with the other Tilma platforms and help connect people to ministry opportunities.

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Connect the community with parishes

Finding a local Mass is often someone's first-impression of the Church. Making this process inviting and meaningful can be an impactful introduction to Catholicism and the first step for many into their local Catholic community.

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Plus ongoing ministry consulting

We walk alongside you as you implement the ecosystem in order to get the most out of your services based on your specific team and evolving ministry needs.

The Ministry Journey

The Diocesan Ecosystem is built as a discipleship tool, using rich content and an integrated platform to serve people wherever they are in their faith journey.

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Data Safety & Security

We've built it on a strong foundation, focused on keeping data safe and secure.

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