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Glass Canvas Launches Tilma Platform to Move Dioceses and Parishes from Maintenance to Mission

March 17, 2021

New revolutionary platform uses technology to drive real moments of engagement and encounter in an increasingly digital culture

Vancouver, B.C. — In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, faith-based marketing and tech firm Glass Canvas announces the release of Tilma, their long-awaited digital platform created to forge meaningful connections between a parish and its people in a culture now dominated by digital encounters. Tilma leverages technology to help parishes and dioceses further their people along personal pathways to active discipleship.

Piloted in the Archdiocese of Vancouver prior to the pandemic, Tilma hits the market at a time when the Church is scrambling to find new ways to engage with parishioners who are not able to be in the pews due to the pandemic or who are not returning to the pews post-pandemic. According to new data released by the Georgetown University’s Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate, 31 percent of weekly Mass attendees say they will go less often when circumstances return to normal, with 42 percent of monthly attendees and 35 percent of those who attend only a few times a year reporting the same. New methods and new strategies are needed to create opportunities for engagement that ensure people remain engaged.

“The beauty of this ecosystem is that it nurtures individual faith journeys and unites them around the evangelizing efforts of an entire diocese,” said JM Boyd, president of Glass Canvas. The power of Tilma uses data around a single system to intentionally send content to users around interests and faith journeys, suggesting content on a personal level. “This has never been done in the Church before,” continued Boyd. “The goal of Tilma is to drive people to encounters beyond the platform, to allow people to evangelize people. Each point of contact nudges users towards real engagement.”

Tilma is predicted to be the tech-solution of our time that allows the Church to engage with its people in more meaningful and efficient ways, regardless of where they are on their faith journey. Unlike other software, Tilma provides digital platforms and services that model the discipleship journey. Each digital tool works together alongside ministry teams to create opportunities for personal faith encounters while also addressing the management and data needs of the Church. Engagement and accompaniment often breakdown due to disconnected platforms and antiquated systems when the Church could be using the information it already gathers to drive a faith journey to encounter. Tilma’s centralized data system allows parishes to maximize milestone moments as opportunities to move people along their faith journeys, ensuring no one falls through the cracks.

On a practical level, Tilma also makes day-to-day activities at a parish run smoother - from donation management to sacramental records to email correspondence. The platform was designed for any person at the parish or diocese to be able to use successfully. “We designed Tilma with the 65-year-old volunteer secretary in mind,” stated Boyd. “Anyone can use it.”

During the pilot phase which unintentionally coincided with the pandemic, the Archdiocese of Vancouver saw a 67 percent increase in parishes running evangelistic programs. The platform is designed to help dioceses and parishes identify and activate the seven percent of those who identify as missionary disciples and further engage the 93 percent whose faith has never been activated and who have never felt pursued or drawn to the Church.

“The part of the Church that is going to thrive in the future is one that focuses on discipleship as the business plan,” says Jason Jensen, Glass Canvas’ CEO. “Tilma is about doing our part for people to encounter God and help dioceses fully step into this movement of evangelization happening across the Church. ”

For more information on Tilma and a complete press kit, visit https://tilmaplatform.com/media-kit

To request an interview with JM Boyd and Jason Jensen or to follow the impact of this powerful platform in the Archdiocese of Vancouver, contact Carrie Kline at carriek@revolutionizingmissions.com.

Glass Canvas is a full-service agency focused on unlocking ministry potential by specializing in strategy, marketing, and digital experiences. Visit Glass Canvas.

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