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Tilma Parish Creates Irresistible Parish Life By Aligning Resources Around Personal Encounters

March 17, 2021

Problem-Solving Software Aligns Parishes Around Moments of Encounter with Christ

Vancouver, B.C. — Glass Canvas, a team of ministry-minded creatives and strategists, has created a game-changing new suite of digital tools called Tilma Parish, uniquely designed to meet the most essential needs of parish administrators and those they serve. Created to help ensure every parish experience contributes to making parish life seem “irresistible” to all who encounter it, Tilma Parish enables pastors and administrative leaders to focus less on running a business and more on fostering encounters with Christ.

Unlike other Catholic software, Tilma Parish leverages the power of technology to unify the interconnected components of parish life to foster personal encounters with Jesus as the focal point of every parish experience. From building a beautiful website to making financial giving less complicated to aligning content and experiences to meet individual parishioner needs, Tilma is one simple tool with endless possibilities to enable parishes to fully unlock their ministry potential:

  • Personalized Communication: Always send the right message to the right people through segmented and focused emails. 
  • Powerful People Database: With search, custom fields, and actionable reports, administrators can spend less time managing their database, all from one easy-to-use place.
  • Simplified Event and Registration: Make it easier to get involved in parish life. Build an event page and registration form in minutes with less clicking around and less data entry.
  • Extensive Content Library from Trusted Catholic Sources: Provide great articles, videos, and podcasts to accompany your parishioners on their faith journey.

“Modern man craves fulfillment, beauty and belonging to a community of faith where they can be truly known,” proposes Jason Jensen, CEO of Glass Canvas. “Parish life should reflect the right ordering of relationships toward the kingdom of God. We need to be less about programs and more about personal experiences and relationships where people can encounter Jesus in more meaningful and personal ways,” continues Jensen. “Tilma Parish was designed with this concept at its core - to help parishes become the centers of relationship with Jesus that people today are seeking. This goes beyond programs and gets at the heart of how parishes need to function to make this vision a reality.”

Research shows that people often fall through the cracks and leave the faith because they don’t feel seen, heard, or understood. Discovering how parish leaders can forge deeper connections with their people is at the heart of this issue. “If we can unify our approach and streamline all records and activities in one place, ministry leaders will have the data they need to serve people better and more deeply,” says Jensen. 

The projected outcome for parishes that fully engage with Tilma Parish is an increase in generosity across all forms of stewardship, the ability to attract and maintain an amazing ministry staff confident in the substructures that support them, and a parish body that is individually engaged in their unique faith journey. A Tilma Parish isn’t just good at making people feel welcome, but it makes people feel like the parish experience was created just for them. And when parishioners feel at home at their parish, they have a greater openness to being evangelized and seek greater and more frequent experiences with Jesus, the sure foundation for every life.

“In an age where many explorations into faith begin with a Google search, seekers can find our beliefs, dynamic Catholic content, and explore our parish family with ease. Tilma Parish is modern, attractive, easy to manage, and empowers us to connect with our parishioners online in the 21st century,” said Daniel Wack, Director of Evangelization and Youth Ministry for St. Joseph Parish in the Archdiocese of Vancouver, who began using Tilma Parish in January of 2018.

Tilma Parish can be used by any parish in any state of renewal and development, and the Glass Canvas team is available to assist with full integration and implementation, removing any barriers to entry due to lack of staff time or engagement.

For more information about Tilma Parish and a complete press kit, visit https://www.tilmaparish.com/media-kit

To request an interview with Jason Jensen to discuss this unique concept as a thought leader, contact Carrie Kline at carriek@revolutionizingmissions.com.

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