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Diocesan transformation starts with equipping and sending out disciples.

The tools to equip and align your people on the ground and move them into mission. Alongside original evangelization content, these digital tools can move people intentionally back into their communities to begin discipling others.

And all the other things you need to drive engagement.

Keeping Parishioner Data Safe
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Library of resources and articles
Ability to share content with parishes
Custom email and weekly newsletters
Showcase events from around the diocese
Content providers
Ad manager
Query builder
Email segmentation
New media and resources
Mass readings
Recommended services & ministries
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Want to see it in action?

The Archdiocese of Vancouver has recently launched Proclaim as part of their ecosystem to transform their diocese.

Ready to transform your diocese?

Give us a call to learn more about what Proclaim could look like in your diocese.
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